The RocketWeave crew designs and implements business systems for Fortune 500, mid-market, and early-stage companies.

Sample Clients and Projects:

Client: Woodside Homes

Testimonial from Travis Isaksen, FP&A Lead, Woodside Homes (now with Lowe’s)

“We hired RocketWeave to redesign our Data Warehouse and help us implement a new BI platform. Our team consisted of two individuals from Finance with limited experience in creating and maintaining a fully functioning BI system. RocketWeave was able to quickly understand our business at a fundamental level and leverage that understanding into creating a complete solution. They met with the end users of the system to make sure we were building a platform that would accommodate both the C-Level’s overview requirements and the Analyst’s detailed requirements. RocketWeave started with the end in mind and broke down each requirement to its core which allowed us to work together in creating the Data Warehouse and BI platform that would work best for our needs.”


Client: Epocrates

Fixing Fulfillment and Revenue Recognition Process


  • SKU mismatches and errors, causing multiple critical fulfillment errors each quarter and resulting in customer frustration and cost increases
  • Repeated monthly revenue recognition errors exceeding $100K per month, diminishing investor confidence in finance team

RocketWeave Solution:

  • Defined system-independent data model to be shared by sales and finance
  • Developed automated workflows and business rules
  • Integrated field sales system ( with ERP
  • Extended footprint while improving usability and security
  • Centralized SKU lookup for all systems

Value to Client:

  • Restoration of customer and investor confidence in company and brand
  • Increased operational effectiveness with real-time status
  • Elimination of revenue recognition errors
  • Greatly improved performance measurement and audit readiness


Client: Domaine Chandon

Testimonial from Jim Baker, IT Business Solutions Expert, Domaine Chandon

“As our company was changing POS systems, we faced a seemingly insurmountable challenge to upload essentially offline sales data into our totally disparate corporate ERP. Forced to reverse engineer not one but two relatively closed systems with limited reporting capabilities, Pat and Albert (RocketWeave) designed and developed an intensely detailed end-to-end data interface that accounted for every one of our key financial indicators—and more. They asked and found answers to all the right questions while delving into issues both known and unforeseen. In the end, they were remarkably efficient in producing this ‘virtual miracle’ that we continue to rely on religiously to this day.”


Client: Epocrates

Repairing Revenue Forecasting


Dysfunctional process for monthly revenue forecasts led to decrease in investor confidence and in this case, replacement of CFO

  • Forecast off by 10–35%, even inside 30 days
  • Process required up to 3 weeks
  • Cumbersome spreadsheet system used to track more than 350 complex software contracts

RocketWeave Solution:

  • Identified inappropriate data sources and redirected system toward correct data
  • Identified disconnects between estimating algorithms and actual revenue calculations
  • Designed new business rules based on correct revenue recognition algorithms
  • Built sensitivity analysis workbench for CFO and FP&A team

Value to Client:

  • Monthly forecast average accuracy increased to > 95%
  • Automated process reduced monthly cycle time to 5 business days
  • Updated process increased management confidence and reduced business risk

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